About Us

Imagine the world enriched and sustained by love and purity. This is a reality when a healthcare and quest for getting pure foods for healthy body becomes a mission. Precisely how we define our path. Healthcare with purity, care and passion.

They say “looking after our health is the biggest responsibility each one of us has.”

We are Lalgoon Milk Farms.

Founded with an objective to provide unprocessed, unadulterated Pure raw Cow milk to our family, friends and to our customers in the city and with the motto to see them healthy and at least start their day by consuming one thing which is unadulterated.

“milk at its purest form..”

Nothing added and nothing subtracted..

We are committed to delivering basic healthcare on root level that is affordable , available without compromising quality. in short its our labour of love.

Our Farms

Our farms at Lalgun comprise of scenic landscapes, majestic hills, fresh farmlands and mooing cattle. At Lalgun, we have been cultivating fresh environments that enrich the food grown on the land. The methods of farming and rearing that we use work in harmony with maintaining and enhancing this important and wonderful local ecology. The farm is an all grass farm, most of which is a permanent pasture where our cows graze .

Our Cows

At our farms we breed Holstein Friesian (HF) cows, which produce high quality milk. Each individual cow is taken care of by trained vets. We assure you that our cows at lalgoon farm are stress free, happy, and bred in proper hygienic environment.This results in the best qualities of wholesome milk.


The feed we give to our cows consists of green,Wet and Dry Fodder along with a healthy mix of concentrate. The wet fodder includes Baby Corn, Maize greens, Sugarcane grass and Jowar Greens.The dry fodder consists of entire dry Jowar plants. The mix concentrate includes groundnut with maize and gram, grinded wheat, Jowar, Barley and other whole grains. nutritionist at our field ensures right balance of vitamins and minerals for cows .


The lalgoon milk is chilled to 4 degree celsius within minutes after milking and packed in bottles under hygienic environment. The Milk reaches within hours of milking maintaining the same temperature through cold chains, hence gets pure ,tasty and full of nutrients. We take it from our farms and bring it to your doorstep.

Our Ethics

Usually the male calf isn’t taken care of,( as a result of which it dies within months of being born ) as bringing it up is a huge cost. where as in our farm we do not practice this,as we believe in AHIMSA and do not want to perpetuate any kind of violence in any form.


we have adopted a primary school in nawlewadi village in khatav taluka. For every litre a customer buys ,we will donate a rupee for providing better facilities to the school. We also run charities with nearby schools to help them get good facilities for the students.